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Prepare your child for the year ahead by purchasing their uniforms and equipment at our uniform shop. 

All students at Sans Souci Public School are expected to wear full school uniform when they are attending school. Our winter, summer and sports uniforms for girls and boys are outlined below.

Download our uniform price list. 

Summer uniform


  • blue shirt
  • grey shorts
  • grey socks with maroon and gold band
  • black shoes
  • maroon school hat.


  • maroon/blue uniform with maroon trim
  • white socks
  • black shoes
  • maroon school hat.

Winter uniform


  • grey trousers
  • blue long sleeved shirt
  • maroon "V" neck sweatshirt or a maroon tracksuit jacket
  • black shoes and grey socks with maroon and gold band.


  • maroon/Blue tartan tunic
  • White long sleeve blouse
  • black stockings or white socks
  • black shoes
  • grey unisex long trousers – long sleeved white shirt (alternative to tunic) 
  • maroon "V" neck sweatshirt or maroon tracksuit jacket with school logo.

Sport uniform


  • maroon shorts 
  • maroon sports shirt with school emblem (available from the school canteen)
  • maroon tracksuit
  • joggers and white socks
  • tracksuits are to be worn on sports day only.


  • maroon shorts or netball skirt
  • maroon sports shirt with school emblem
  • black or maroon sports briefs
  • maroon track suit
  • joggers and white socks
  • tracksuit is to be worn on sports day only.

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